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The purpose of these Popular Music tutorial videos is to reach the general population that may not have the time or finances for traditional piano lessons. By bringing music that popular culture is interested in, we hope to inspire all generations to start on their Musical Journey for Artistic Awakenings. Our most important mission is to inspire people to learn music and play the piano no matter which genre of music they are interested in. Many students lose interest in practicing and learning due to their lack of excitement in a particular lesson regiment. Though we believe structured lessons are the best way to truly learn the proper techniques of playing the piano and gain a deep understanding of the academics of music, our mission with these videos is to just get them to play. Our lives are becoming increasingly busy with competing activities and social influences – we’re just trying to ensure we can slip in some music time wherever possible and convenient.

There is a tremendous amount of data from extensive research, along with anecdotal evidence, that prove that children who learn music and piano early in life tend to develop psychological and cognitive attributes that benefit them lifelong. These neural developments and psychological influences are associated with Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Analytical Reasoning, Scientific Comprehension, Positive Mood, and Enhanced Self-Esteem.

Throughout history, many of our esteemed leaders in Science, Business/Entrepreneurship, Politics, Innovation and Philosophy (thinking) had musical training early in life. Along with the benefits of learning music as a language, the ambidextrous use while performing on the piano greatly stimulates neural pathways in both hemispheres of the brain. This bi-hemisphere exercise may contribute to better communication efficiencies through the Corpus Callosum, allowing for a more comprehensive analysis of Reality, better Reasoning skills, enhanced Creativity, and increase in Adaptability.

If you’re interested in learning to play the piano and start your Musical Journey for Artistic Awakening, I’ve made several videos to give you the basics to teach yourself on your own time. You can search on my YouTube channel, or you can browse here on my website where I’ve organized all my music, lessons, and studies in an easy to follow layout.