Our Mission The Statement
To Provide Anyone and Everyone the necessary resources to benefit from the Learning, Playing and Creating of Music on the Keyboard

Belief: We believe music can provide stimulation in areas of the brain that can help us to become smarter, more creative and more adaptive. And that children can benefit immensely from the early adoption of music.

Purpose:  To reach those that don’t have the time or resources to take lessons from a traditional teacher/student model, and provide a basic music education and a deeper appreciation for the Musical Arts .

Passion: To provide unique music learning concepts to appeal to parents and children so they benefit from the Magical Wonders of Music Creation, and can compete in the Future World of Automation, A.I., and Robotics.


Why Music! Good For The Brain
>> This is how music can change your brain

>> Music on the Aging Brain

>> Musical Training Optimizes Brain Functionality

>> The 6 Benefits of Music Lessons


About Me Miko and Michael
Providing ‘EDUTAINMENT’ for the Kids.
MIKO (Musically Inspiring Kids Onward) was created to appeal to our young Youtube generation.  As our kids attention increasingly move to online videos, we wanted to create an avatar and concept that might appeal to parents that see the value of online entertainment infused with education.

This concept is still in design, but MIKO is alive and will be providing musical education to young viewers soon. Here Miko introduces Michael as he performs intros to some of the most popular classical pieces.