Module 1: The Notes

These are a series of videos narrated by Miko that correspond to our first booklette – Module 1: The Notes. They should provide anyone, especially those without the time and resources for traditional lessons the ability to learn to read notes so they can start on their musical journey. We hope children will find the colorful characters and animation appealing, while the parents will be provided with in-depth understanding to properly instruct them. Once they learn the basics of music, we’re confident they’ll want to continue by playing songs from their favorite Disney movie, Pop Artist or Children’s Rhymes.

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Module 1: The Notes

Introductory Cover of “Module 1: The Notes”, and a performance of Bach’s Prelude No.1 in C-major performed by Michael

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The Purpose

Cognitive Benefits

Proper Posture

The Keys, Middle C

Understanding the Staff

The Notes

The Treble Clef

Treble Clef with Butterflies

The Bass Clef

Bass Clef with Butterflies

The 12 Key Pattern

Half and Whole Steps

The Steps Animated

Note Durations

The Note Tree

Time Signatures

Counting Time Signatures

Counting The Beats

Dotted Notes

Tied Notes


When to Play Accidentals

Finger Chart and Crossing Over