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The purpose of these Laugh Time: ScareCams & Fails videos is to reach the global general population and introduce them to the extraordinary music of the Classical Greats. From Beethoven, Mozart, J.S. Bach, Liszt, Chopin, Vivaldi, Handel, Haydn and many other divinely inspired classical musicians of old, I hope some of you who are unfamiliar with the mastery of these musicians will open your musical library to these extraordinary artists of the past.

There seems to be a complexity, divine passion, thoughtful reverence, and deep emotional quality in their music that stimulates the brain in ways differently than does today’s popular music. This neural stimulation in different regions of the brain may enhance analytical reasoning and boost creativity. This phenomena is commonly referred to as “The Mozart Effect”.

Though some studies have shed doubt on this effect, the music they chose were often the simpler classical piano pieces from Mozart. Other studies have made the correlation between the enhanced “out of the box” reasoning and creativity and the listening to the more complex, faster paced, and passionate Piano Concertos by Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and others…typically the 1st and 3rd movements.

“Laughter Unites Us All” – Scare Cams and Fails are great way to combat the negativity that has permeated the world with all the global friction and environmental concerns. Science has shown that Laughter induces chemical responses in the brain that elevates our mood and increases empathy. Tied with the amazing classical music of the greater masters, I hope these videos will bring enjoyment and neural stimulation. Also, Laughter seems to be a universal phenomena that reveals the lighter side of humanity no matter which country we’re from…it’s truly a humanity bonding behavior that anyone can understand and participate in!

For the Classical Enthusiasts, I completely understand the sound quality of these computer generated music files really don’t do justice in representing the Great Masters of Classical. These limited computer files lack the rich tonalities, expressiveness, and complex flourishing patterns you find in actual performances by humans. But I’m hoping that these will inspire non-classical listeners to look up actual performances by truly amazing human artists that populate YouTube. I’ll have links to some of my favorite performances of each piece presented in these videos.

If you’re interested in learning to play the piano and start your Musical Journey for Artistic Awakening, I’ve made several videos to give you the basics to teach yourself on your own time. You can search on my YouTube channel, or you can browse here on my website where I’ve organized all my music, lessons, and studies in an easy to follow layout.