“Music – The Beautiful Language of the Universe”

We hope to Teach you the basics of music, and to Inspire you to use the Black and Whites to Unlock Creativity, Strengthen Analytical Reasoning, and Color the World. The Piano holds the 88 Keys to the melodies of life!

Mission Statement
>> Lefthandedness

Music Good For The Brain?
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Music Collections
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Tichi Boo’s Music Studio
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Knight Of Music
>> Empower | Awaken

Introduction to Music
>> Lessons with Miko

Flash Cards

Flash Cards: Learn to read notes with Randomized Flash Cards. Using Flowers and Butterflies to appeal to parents and kids, these visuals should provide anyone with the ability to learn where the notes are.
>> Note Reading Exercises

Symphony No.40 m.1

House Of Midis: Watch colorful displays of popular Classical Music transposed through MIDI – (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). We want to introduce you to the extraordinary music of the Great Masters.
>> Visit House Of Midis for More.


Beethoven Symphony No.5 – Easy Version: New Layout for learning songs and classical favorites. A Note by Note instructional video to get you started! Here is the Easy Version of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. >> More Videos to Learn

Senior Event Setup

Senior Community Event: A quick video of setup and performance.

PianoForteSeries – A music event uniting generations through music. Vineyard Heights Music Event produced by Trazom, LLC and Michael Hawk. Music performed by Nick Poelwijk.