Neural Theory

Neural Stimulation Theory
It is our contention, though we are not Neurologists or Scientists, that learning, playing and creating music on the piano can excite neural stimulation in many regions of the brain in both hemispheres.

Since our society is 85-95% right-handed and both sides of the brain are connected to the opposite side of the body, perhaps we have a more Left-Brain accentuated population. Theoretically, if we can increase our Left Hand coordination and dexterity in a controlled, independent and improvisational manner, we may stimulate more neural areas in the Right Hemisphere and unlock cognitive processes associated with Creativity, Abstract Reasoning, Empathy, and other Artistically Associated traits .

Here is a visual representation of notes being played during this improvisation, which might be theorized to represent neural firings. We believe this complex and coordinated movement in the left hand, along with the right, may induce rapid synaptic firings in both hemispheres and increase efficiency through the Corpus Callosum. Furthermore, the process of improvisation or imaginative correlation, may stimulate more neural areas than with rote memorizing and performing. >> See Left-handed Phenomena

Harmonic Fractals: Improvisation

Here is an introduction to my concept of Harmonic Fractals where I take a theme of a chord progression and improvise on different patterns within patterns. I do not adhere to any timing, musical themes, or any particular rhythm or academics, but rather just let my mind explore endlessly while tying it with hand movements and emotional reflections.
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