Mozart Effect

The “Mozart Effect” has been popularized as the belief that listening to the music of Mozart will improve one’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ), specifically in the developing minds of babies and children. After further research from several independent psychological analysis, there proved to be no significant or measurable increase in the subjects intelligence to substantiate the Mozart Effect claim.

However, other studies have shown that music with an “energetic and positive emotional quality” can enhance mood and arousal state, and increase one’s speed of processing and creative problem solving.

It is my contention that having listened to the energetic, complex, organic and non-repeating music of the first and third movements of the Piano/Keyboard concertos by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and other Masters of Music over the course of 10 years, I’ve substantially increased my creativity, problem solving and emotional energy.

Regardless of the efficacy of the Mozart Effect, here are lists of works from various Classical Masters that should elevate your mood, instill a sense of energy, and increase your lateral thinking to think outside of the box!

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Piano Concerto 21 Piano Concerto 23 Piano Concerto 12

Piano Concerto 16 Bassoon Concerto K191 Piano Concerto 7

Piano Concerto 20 Piano Concerto 9 Piano Concerto 25

Piano Concerto 1 Piano Concerto 2 Piano Concerto 3

Piano Concerto 4 Piano Concerto 5 Choral Fantasy

J.S. Bach
Keyboard Concert 1 Keyboard Concerto 2 Keyboard Concerto 3

Keyboard Concerto 4 Keyboard Concerto 5 Keyboard Concerto 6