Mozart Effect

The “Mozart Effect” has been popularized as the belief that listening to the music of Mozart will improve one’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ), specifically in the developing minds of babies and children. Though some studies have shed doubt on this effect, the music they chose were often the simpler classical piano pieces from Mozart. Other studies have made the correlation between the enhanced “out of the box” reasoning and creativity and the listening to the more complex, faster paced, and passionate Piano Concertos by Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and others…typically the 1st and 3rd movements.

There seems to be a complexity, divine passion, thoughtful reverence, and deep emotional quality in their music that stimulates the brain in ways differently than does today’s popular music. This neural stimulation in different regions of the brain (or multimodal processing across regions) may enhance analytical reasoning and boost creativity.

Please enjoy these performances by amazing human artists interpreting the works of the extraordinary Masters of Music. New artists and videos will be added continually.

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART: Click the + to expand
Ludwig van BEETHOVEN
Johann Sebastian Bach